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Managing Risk in Pharma

For pharma and biotech companies engaged in drug discovery, risk takes on many different forms.

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In a complex and uncertain world, Wolters Kluwer provides a range of solutions that enable the control and mitigation of operational, financial, legal and regulatory risk. Our tools enable risk detection, analysis and prevention from the laboratory to the production line, limiting exposure and enhancing decision making.

The toughest journey in science?

Drug discovery is the riskiest journey in science. It’s also one of the most important. There are more than 70,000 ways for the human body to fail. Each one represents a treatment to be found. But life sciences is unpredictable. Most new treatments fail. Every day brings challenges that can end the life of a drug before it is born. Without risk, the explorer cannot advance. Reach too far and the journey is over. Every step, Wolters Kluwer is with you. To push is to risk. Keep pushing.

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Case Studies

Wolters Kluwer is equipping some of the world's biggest pharma companies with the strategies and tools to manage risk in different parts of their organization.

Sanofi integrates processes across new internal control department and internal audit.

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Pfizer & eVision webinar: Control of work for the pharmaceutical industry

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Vemedia simplifies profitability reporting by brand with CCH Tagetik

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In the high-risk environment of life sciences, Enablon supports the evaluation and mitigation of operational risk, helping pharma companies to control lab safety and deliver higher quality, more sustainable products. Enablon helps to predict and prevent critical incidents and improve decision making across the business, keeping employees safe, and the organization fully compliant.

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Ovid’s medical research platform supports clinicians and researchers with trusted evidence-based information, leading search and discovery technology. Ovid delivers insights into the growing body of data used to drive critical decisions that improve patient care and clinical outcomes. Medical research teams focused on drug safety rely on Ovid when conducting discovery and regulatory compliance requirements that ensure patient safety

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Team Mate

TeamMate’s dedicated audit solutions deliver the assurance life sciences companies need to operate in a continuously changing regulatory environment. Audit professionals rely on TeamMate to build a single, complete picture of the whole audit workflow, enhancing strategic decision making and helping to uncover insights that identify and mitigate risk.

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ELM Solutions

The tough nature of drug discovery means litigation is a matter of when rather than if. ELM ensures exposure can be controlled in the most complex environments, enabling pharma legal departments to prepare, budget and manage a range of critical legal issues, from contract compliance to the selection of the most appropriate outside .

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CCH Tagetik

Covid-19 uncertainty is forcing greater agility and faster responses across the life sciences supply chain. CCH Tagetik enables faster, more accurate financial planning and analysis against multiple scenarios to drive more effective decision making. CCH Tagetik empowers finance professionals with data-driven corporate performance management solutions that leverage diverse, granular data from across the enterprise to accelerate business performance.

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